Premiere DateJun 12, 2018
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Varsity
00:26 Must Be Nice
04:26 Interview Varsity
08:38 Gordi, You’re A Saint
12:14 Interview Varsity
19:06 Isolation
22:46 Interview Varsity
22:51 Lied For You
26:21 Alone In My Principles
33:08 Outro
33:28 Finish

Varsity is a Chicago band with an especially shimmery take on indie pop, drawing on classic rock ‘n roll grooves without sounding derivative of anything in particular, which is rare and highly appreciated these days. The band’s hooks run deep, with the sort of catchiness you can’t shake for days, so dig in and get ready to spend some time with these songs. They stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn while on tour to share some tunes with us.

Parallel Person is available now from Babe City Records.


Host Maia
Maia is a songwriter, artist, producer, and podcast host based in New York City. She's also a singer, multi-instrumentalist and frequent tinkerer, who has spent time in Haiti and Colombia studying folkloric music…