Tracy Bonham

Premiere DateMay 8, 2018
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Tracy Bonham
01:05 Sharks Can’t Sleep
05:18 Interview Tracy Bonham
07:58 Dandelion
11:30 Interview Tracy Bonham
15:10 Luck
18:23 Interview Tracy Bonham
24:13 Dumbo Sun
27:52 Interview Tracy Bonham
29:34 Devil’s Got Yer Boyfriend
33:23 Interview Tracy Bonham
35:40 Outro
36:10 Finish

Tracy Bonham is the Grammy-nominated songwriter whose songwriting is as timeless and powerful as her memorable 90’s hits. Having recently revisited her 20-year old record to deconstruct and reimagine the music from that era, Bonham stopped by the live room at Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share this intimate look at some of her songs.


Modern Burdens is available now from ECR Music Group

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