The Royal They

Premiere DateFeb 6, 2018
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 The Royal They
00:40 Sludgefucker
04:08 Interview The Royal They
09:03 Flying Naked
13:45 Interview The Royal They
17:30 Waiting Game
20:30 Interview The Royal They
21:24 Say Less
23:46 Interview The Royal They
25:21 Weekender
28:09 Outro
28:26 Finish

The Royal They seem to be quite deserving of the royal treatment lately, having become the latest must-see Brooklyn band, with the release of their new gem of a post-punk album, Foreign Being. Michelle, Darrell, and Rick have taken their sharp, melodic style and developed it to the point where the catchiness of the songs is totally undeniable – not to mention the production of their album is super on point. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to show us how it happens live.

Foreign Being by The Royal They is available now from King Pizza Records.

Maia is a songwriter, artist, producer, and podcast host based in New York City. She's also a singer, multi-instrumentalist and frequent tinkerer, who has spent time in Haiti and Colombia studying folkloric music…
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