Thanya Iyer at Home

Premiere DateJul 31, 2020
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 LS intro
00:54 Thanya Iyer
36:32 "I Just Lay Down My Head"
42:21 Thanya Iyer
42:48 "I Forget To Drink Water (Balance)"
47:50 Thanya Iyer
48:11 "Bring Back That Which Is Kind To You"
51:27 Thanya Iyer
52:22 LS outro
53:33 END.

Montreal-based musician Thanya Iyer joins Bryan B for a conversation about her new album, the accompanying visual album, life as a creative during quarantine, trust in your community, and her background/connection to music. For the accompanying exclusive performance, Thanya is joined by Pompey in their new home studio with a mesmerizing take on three songs from the record. 

Thanya Iyer’s sophomore album, KIND, is available now from Topshelf Records.

Watch Thanya Iyer’s performance of “Bring Back That Which Is Kind To You” on BTR Live Studio.

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