Premiere DateJan 27, 2017
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Stuyedeyed
00:50 Miscarry On
04:16 Interview Stuyedeyed
07:10 Cursed
10:12 Interview Stuyedeyed
12:34 Funeral
17:10 Interview Stuyedeyed
21:45 Mr. Policeman
23:37 Oh My
27:32 Outro
27:43 Finish



Nelson, Humberto, Andrea, and Luis are Brooklyn-based band, Stuyedeyed. Full of brilliant, nervous energy, their music explodes in every direction at once, pulling from the archives of garage and psych rock beauty for their own take on jangly pop and overdriven rock. They stopped by to destroy the live room at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn for this special session!

Funeral by Stuyedeyed will be released March 10, 2017.

Maia is a songwriter, artist, producer, and radio host based in New York City. She's also a singer, multi-instrumentalist and frequent tinkerer, who has spent time in Haiti and Colombia studying folkloric music…