Skylar Gudasz

Premiere DateApr 10, 2020
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Sklar Gudasz
00:50 Skylar Gudasz
04:04 Interview Skylar Gudasz
06:54 Rider
09:27 Interview Skylar Gudasz
13:27 Play Nice
16:38 Interview Skylar Gudasz
23:07 I’m So Happy I Could Die
27:20 Interview Skylar Gudasz
31:07 Lean Closer To Me Now
36:38 Outro
37:36 Finish

Skylar Gudasz is a Durham, NC-based musician with a bold and gritty voice. Drawing on a long musical history and some high-profile collaborations, Gudasz has built a strong language of music from which to craft her own stellar tunes. She brought the band down to Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us a look at her new music in this lovely session.


Cinema will be released April 17, 2020 on Suah Sounds.


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