Shamir at Home

Premiere DateAug 25, 2020
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 LS intro
01:22 "I Wonder" [BTR Live Studio, 2020] Shamir
04:28 Shamir interview
48:43 "On My Own" [BTR Live Studio, 2020] Shamir
53:04 "Running" [BTR Live Studio, 2020] Shamir
56:05 LS outro
56:59 END

As the bio says, “Shamir is Shamir is Shamir.”  Nothing more really needs to be said. A singular voice and chameleon-like talent across mediums, sliding thru music genres and aesthetics – from pop beginnings to “indie rock Shamir” – in this exclusive interview and performance from Shamir’s home in Philadelphia, we cover a lot: from sustainable merch and the USPS, to his record label  – Accidental Popstar – and his relationship to the stage and performing, as well as the upcoming self-titled full length record.


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