Sammi Lanzetta at Home

Premiere DateSep 29, 2020
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 BTR Live Studio / Intro
00:37 “House Plants” Sammi Lanzetta
02:40 Sammi Lanzetta
09:40 “Titty Logic” Sammi Lanzetta
12:33 Sammi Lanzetta
21:26 “Snake Song” Sammi Lanzetta
23:49 Sammi Lanzetta
30:32 OUTRO
30:55 END

Sammi Lanzetta released her debut LP Ceiling Mirror last fall on 6131 Records, and like many musicians with a fresh release she was expecting to spend most of 2020 on tour promoting it. Of course, that didn’t happen. In this episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, Lanzetta delivers an intimate solo performance from her NYC fire escape.

Ceiling Mirror is available now from 6131 Records.

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