Reggie Watts

Premiere DateNov 12, 2010
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Wynn
00:33 DVC Intro
01:46 Goldie Fox
06:13 Digiverb, The problem With Kids
07:15 Emulsification
15:17 Interview
18:26 Just A Game
24:08 Interview
34:16 We Are Just Friends
38:56 Interview
43:26 Finish

Reggie Watts is truly a one of a kind performer who seamlessly transitions from craft to craft. Listen to a one of a kind set that he laid down for BTR Live Studio

Raised and schooled in Florida, Wynn's love for music started with recording songs off the radio and making crude mix tapes for his bus mates. His tastes started to round out once he learned the trick to buying…
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