Photo Ops at Home

Premiere DateSep 18, 2020
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 BTR Live Studio sponsor + intro
00:54 "Play On" Photo Ops
04:02 Photo Ops interview
30:21 "Walking Under The Trees" Photo Ops
34:09 "Kathleen" Photo Ops
37:39 Outro
38:20 END.

Photo Ops is the LA-based project of Terry Price. Following a move from Nashville, his songwriting shifted towards a more personal, folk-tinged sort of pop. What remains is his super-attuned sense of melody, in what he refers to as “adult lullabies.” We caught up with him and get into some of the inspiration behind his latest work, and he shares an exclusive, intimate acoustic performance, recorded at his home studio. 

Pure At Heart is out now from Western Vinyl.

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