Looms at Home

Premiere DateAug 11, 2020
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 BTR Live Studio / intro
00:39 “From a Roof”
03:59 Looms
13:20 “My Stupid Life”
18:02 Looms
23:14 “Hologram”
26:18 Looms
28:26 Outro
28:52 END

Sharif Mekawy of the Brooklyn band Looms joins us on this episode of BTR Live Studio at Home to discuss the band’s new single “My Stupid Life,”  staying creatively occupied as life in New York City ground to a halt and the joy of playing music with people IRL again. 

 Be sure to check out the video for “My Stupid Life,” which was shot by BTR freelance video shooter Liz Maney back in February, and check out Looms on BTR Live Studio back in 2018.

“My Stupid Life” is available now.

As of July 2020, Jeanette is one of the hosts of BTR Live Studio. She is also a contributing photographer for BTRtoday and often works as a freelance assistant cameraperson for BTRtv
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