Jen's 2020 Live Studio Recap

Premiere DateDec 25, 2020
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Intro
02:11 BRNDA
02:39 Xanthe Alexis
03:38 "Hey Drew" Pree
07:09 Elizabeth Moen
09:13 Pree
11:12 "Wild" Adriana Lucia Cotes
14:16 Lotion Princess
15:49 Adriana Lucia Cotes
20:43 "In the Summer" Lotion Princess
25:02 Sean Barna
27:56 Erin Frisby
29:15 "Sharing Light" Kin
33:12 Raye Zaragoza
34:34 Kin
36:26 "God Save the Scene" Sean Barna
41:39 Outro
42:28 End

On today’s episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, Jen Meller ranks the top 10 funny moments on the show in 2020, as well as our top 5 favorite performances.

As of July 2020, Jen is one of the hosts of BTR Live Studio. She is also a freelance video professional who often works as an assistant cameraperson for BTRtv.
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