Ezra Feinberg

Premiere DateMar 30, 2018
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Ezra Feinberg
00:37 God Sized Hole
09:20 Interview Ezra Feinberg
16:05 The Sensory Floor
21:26 Interview Ezra Feinberg
25:20 Born Blue
30:36 Interview Ezra Feinberg
35:32 True Refuge
41:10 Interview Ezra Feinberg
41:45 Untitled
44:45 Outro
45:10 Finish

Ezra Feinberg, founder of San Francisco psych-pop band Citay, left music when he moved to Brooklyn in 2012, taking on an entirely new life. In the time since, life’s does what it does by changing him and leaving its mark.  That shift can be felt in his new approach to music, which utilizes loops of acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, and more to achieve hypnotic, psychedelic vibes through minimalist performance and repetition. He joined us at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share this intimate, solo performance.

Ezra Feinberg’s debut solo album, Pentimento and Others, is available now via his imprint, Related States (and on Stimulus Progression for a limited edition cassette).

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