Erin Frisby at Home

Premiere DateJan 5, 2021
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Intro
01:06 Erin Frisby
14:52 "Count to Ten" [BTR Live Studio 2020] Erin Frisby
18:31 Erin Frisby
30:54 "Yellowjack" [BTR Live Studio 2020] Erin Frisby
34:37 Erin Frisby
40:51 "It All Floats Away" [BTR Live Studio 2020] Erin Frisby
44:43 Erin Frisby
53:02 Outro
53:36 End

On today’s episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, DC based singer songwriter Erin Frisby, of the OSYX, plays some of her latest tunes off her solo record Ecdysis. Erin speaks with Jen about the making of the album in a pandemic, her growth while creating the album, and her love of the craft.

As of July 2020, Jen is one of the hosts of BTR Live Studio. She is also a freelance video professional who often works as an assistant cameraperson for BTRtv.
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