David Nance

Premiere DateAug 29, 2017
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 David Nance
00:42 Negative Boogie
03:52 River With No Color
12:44 Interview David Nance
14:00 Give It Some Time
16:05 Interview David Nance
18:04 Triangle Head
21:00 Interview David Nance
24:45 Ambulance
29:47 Interview David Nance
30:01 Outro
30:20 Finish

David Nance is a classic rocker. We don’t mean that he plays classic rock, but he DOES rock in the way that most bands these days can’t, or at least don’t bother to. Like, he embodies it. In that long haired, feedback-slinging, getting into the groove, cymbal-smashing vibe, custom-made for tape hiss freaks and vinyl crackle aficionados. Music to get into and get down to. We like it a whole lot. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to shake it up for this session!

Negative Boogie is available now from Ba Da Bing Records.

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