Bryan's 2020 Live Studio Recap: Part 1

Premiere DateDec 22, 2020
Categories Indie Live Music Music
00:00 Sponsor + Intro
01:47 "Fun In the Afterlife" Jelly Kelly
05:42 "Vacation" Honey Cutt
09:22 "Earth Angel" Activity
13:59 "Soft Skin" Frankie Valet
17:08 "Sun" ing
19:41 "Actress" Skylar Gudasz
22:48 mic break
23:48 "Spinning Gold" Parlor Walls
27:32 "Mirage" Lisel
30:55 "Y Golau Mwyaf yw'r Cysgod Mwyaf" The Joy Formidable
35:53 "Your Family" Thin Lear
38:45 "double dare" Momma
42:35 "Lime Green Jheri Curl" proper.
46:22 "Back Of My Mind" Scoville Unit
49:16 "Kittie" Banana
52:05 "Honey Suckle" Pom Pom Squad
55:13 "So Long" Winnebago Vacation
56:30 mic break
56:54 "Good Will" Shadow Monster
60:11 "In The Clouds" Kissed By An Animal
63:07 "Way Down" Motherhood
67:59 "Pines And Cones" Essi
71:16 mic break
72:50 "Chipped Checkered Wall" Adir L.C.
76:29 "Hold On" Felicia Douglass
78:24 "Autumn" Nana Grizol
81:01 "Why Don't You Come Out Anymore" The Natvral
85:01 outro
86:56 end.

In this episode, we’re taking a look back at the music from the first half of the year, including sessions recorded at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn with Travis Harrison, and the first batch of BTR Live Studio at Home sessions! All of these episodes were hosted by Maia Macdonald.

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