Big Bliss

Premiere DateOct 13, 2017
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00:00 Big Bliss
00:36 Contact
04:48 Interview Big Bliss
08:04 Constants
11:50 Interview Big Bliss
14:57 Untitled
18:44 Interview Big Bliss
24:24 High Ideal
29:03 Interview Big Bliss
33:12 Fortune
35:44 Interview Big Bliss
36:28 Outro
36:42 Finish

Big Bliss is a Brooklyn band formed in 2015 by brothers Cory (drums) and Tim (vocals, guitar) Race, along with bassist Wallace May. The trio blasts out a furious sort of post-punk and indie rock that draws a bit on shoegaze (think perhaps a little Mission Of Burma here, a little Interpol there), and have been playing shows almost constantly since their inception. We finally got them to take a breather and stop by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn to show us what they’ve been up to.
The “Fortune” single is available now from Exit Stencil Recordings.

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