On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, satirical synth duo Electric Grandmother stop by. Pete and Mary Alice discuss the process of creating "Space Phone", remembering the days of calling each other over the car phone, and the process of turning it into a stop action music video.
Sanya N'Kanta is a Jamaican-born musician currently based in Charlotte, NC who writes, performas, and produces songs with a wide range of musical influences and styles. Ahead of the release of his new EP, These Are The Days, he recorded a stunning, stripped-down performance of two songs from that release along with another brand new track, and we had a great conversation about music and life.
Take a ride to Brooklyn if you're from out of town and trust me, somewhere in the conversation the town Brownsville will come up. Brownsville, Brooklyn has let loose some of the hardest hip-hop artists for years. Well check it, here are two more artists from the Ville. First up, Thunny Brown aka Thundah God aka Thundah Foot who hails from almost everywhere and Brownsville. His partner Stuck B is from Brownsville also. We all hear how tough it is to grow up Brownsville. You become a man early. Surviving might be the only option. That never stops anyone who lives there from doing what they have to do. Peep the interview hosted by Crazy DJ Bazarro as Thunny & Stuck talk about the pandemic, the rap game and politics. Enjoy!
Will Marsh of Gold Connections joins us to talk about the band's latest EP, self-producing, and more, plus we've got a great exclusive remote performance of three song from the band!
On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, DC based singer songwriter Erin Frisby, of the OSYX, plays some of her latest tunes off her solo record Ecdysis. Erin speaks with Jen about the making of the album in a pandemic, her growth while creating the album, and her love of the craft.
2020 is outta here. What a year, I mean what a year. Hopefully 2021 will be so much better. I mean, 2020 did have some bright highlights. A new president & vice president. A vaccine that will help in the fight against coronavirus, and some of the great artists that performed at home on BTR Live Studio. I went back in time to grab some tapes of the footage and converted it to audio, just for you. These are my top picks that came through in no particular order. Mazzi, Juxx Diamondz, Nejma Nefertiti, Hastyle Rhymes, KE Turner and last but not least Napoleon Da Legend. Check it out and have a Happy New Year. See you in 2021.