Philadelphia band Pine Barons just release their excellent third record, Mirage On The Meadow, and they recorded a super fun full band live performance in lead singer Keith Abrams' kitchen for BTR Live Studio at Home. We caught up with Keith during a break in a recording session at his studio to get some insight into the process behind this album, what the band has been up to during quarantine, and some exciting upcoming plans they have in the works.
On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, New York based singer songwriter Vanessa Silberman plays some of her latest tunes.Vanessa speaks with Jen about the process of creating a new single a month, her writing process, and her love for tour.
Mock Suns is a Philadelphia-based project headed up by Greg Puglese, known for synthy, dreamy pop songs, they are releasing their new self-titled album - their first release in 4 years - today, October 23, 2020.  Greg put together a trio to perform one of the songs from that record - called "More" for us, and we caught up with him last week to talk about the record, life during quarantine, his epic instrumental single and video, and more.
On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, LA based singer songwriter Raye Zaragoza plays some of her latest tunes. Raye speaks with Jen about being a social change performer, her writing process, and her fondest tour memory with Dispatch.
Sad13 returns to BTR Live Studio (listen to their 2017 appearance), this time in solo form, from Sadie Dupuis' home in Philadelphia. Sadie recorded an exclusive performance of the song "With Baby" from the new record, Haunted Painting, and we chat about the new record, Speedy Ortiz, local beaches, the band sElf, and aliens. It's pretty much the best conversation ever. The music heard in the background of this episode is from Sad13's album, Haunted Painting, out now from Wax Nine.
In this episode., Crazy DJ Bazarro sits down with Juxx Diamondz. Independent, self-sufficient, different & never holds back on what he wants to say. We brought him in to speak on how to invest yourself, to learn the equipment used for creating hip-hop music and to learn the  ups and downs of being a hip-hop soldier. He's a director, producer, hard worker and even has a side gig to help support his career. Go ahead,  peep the conversation and check out his exclusive performance!
Cartalk is the project of LA-based musician Chuck Moore. They’ve been an integral part of a lively scene of bands and musicians there for the past couple of years, and have just emerged with a spectacular debut album that blends indie rock, Americana, and punk in a brilliant way. Here, Chuck joins us from their home to share an intimate, solo look at some of that music, and a fun chat covering the record, growing a garden, Tik Tok, and more. Watch Cartalk's exclusive performance of "Las Manos" here!
She's gorgeous, her flow is pretty and her style is one of a kind. Her name is Drop D, she's one of my favorite MCs to date, and she's talking to the one and only Crazy DJ Bazarro. She's smooth and cool on the camera and the same way on the mic - she can murder you in her soft verse. Originally from LA, she can roll with the best. Listen up for our interview and an exclusive performance recorded at home. Watch Drop D's exclusive performance of "Let's Do This/F.I.T.H." here!
On today's episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, Atlanta based singer songwriter May Tabol of Pree plays some of her latest tunes. May speaks with Jen about the process of creating the new sound on the album Status/Post, her writing process, and the evolution of Pree throughout the past decade.