Monteagle is songwriter and composer Justin Giles Wilcox, who brought his full live band to perform for BTR Live Studio back in May 2018. The Brooklyn based musician recently invited us into his home for a solo acoustic performance of several songs, including “In Reality,” from his recently released EP, A Colorful Moth. He caught up via video chat with Maia to discuss the EP, plans for the next full length album, Tennessee, Nintendo games, and more.
Prolific producer and songwriter Felicia Douglass is a fierce musical talent, whom you may recognize from her solo project or her work with Gemma, Dirty Projectors, Ava Luna, Baile, and Lip Set. This spring she has collaborated with dozens of artists online, found ways to keep moving while inside, and released several new tracks. This June, she’ll be the featured vocalist on Dirty Projectors new EP, Flight Tower. She recently invited us inside her Brooklyn home for a performance in her music room, along with a conversation with Maia Macdonald. “Ready For Your Miracle” (Felicia Douglass) and “Lose Your Love” (Dirty Projectors) are available now.
The Natvral is the newest project from rocker Kip Berman, who spent much of past decade heading up The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. In the past few years, he has shifted gears to make music in a way that feels right for right now - free from expectations. The Natvral’s first EP Know Me More, was released by Kanine in 2018, followed by 2019’s cover of Dear Nora’s “You Looked Like A Portrait.” Kip recently invited us into his Princeton, NJ home for a performance of three songs, and a wide ranging phone conversation with Maia.
Today’s podcast features a recent conversation between Shana Falana and myself about everything, including life as a house painter, Slow TV’s National Knitting Evening, a chance encounter with young Brad Pitt in Bozeman Montana, Ram Dass and much more. Check out the latest song and video from Shana Falana, called "Everyone Is Gonna Be OK," along with October 2019’s album Darkest Light, 2016’s Here Comes The Wave, and 2015’s Set Your Lightning Fire Free. Please check out the accompanying video from today's show, which features a video diary shot by Shana herself.
Adir L.C. is an NYC-based songwriter with a refreshing, folk-inflected indie rock style that makes great use of dynamics and lush arrangements. With a huge sound that feels both grounded and ambitious thanks to Adir’s warm and comforting vocals, this is music that’s really easy to get lost in. Currently isolating at his home in Brooklyn, Adir invited us in to have some coffee, meet his dog, Moka, and get a taste of some new music in progress. Check out Adir L.C.’s previous appearance on BTR Live Studio here. Basket Star is available now from Birdwatcher Records.
Honey Cutt is a Boston-based trio led by Kaley Honeycutt. With surfy touches on their dreamy indie rock sound, the band sounds right at home on the Kanine Records roster, which tends to love an upbeat snare and catchy vocal melodies. The band dropped by Serious Business Music while in town for the New Colossus Music Festival, which ended up being our very last session in the studio for the time being. Coasting by Honey Cutt is available now from Kanine Records.
Marble Arch are a French guitar pop band fronted by vocalist Yann Le Ravazet. With catchy, hazy melodies and garage rock intensity, the band has a dreamy sound that pulls you in. They dropped by Serious Business Music while on tour in the states for this intense session. Children Of The Slump is available now from Géographie.
Frankie Valet is the St. Louis, MO-based band headed up by Alison Setil and Felix Nelson along with Kati Malison and Jack Elliott-Higgins. With catchy, fuzz indie rock drawing on twee and shoegaze, the band has an instantly loveable sound that we were psyched to have in the live room at Serious Business Music for this session. Waterfowl is available now from It Takes Time.
Brooklyn-based duo True Dreams are a wickedly fun and raw tag team of “cheerleader punx” songwriters who go right for the throat with their snotty anthems. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of their gimmicky onstage patty cake (it’s awesome tho) - they absolutely mean business and will FUCK YOU UP. They’re sloppy and fun and silly and totally serious and if you disagree, well, whatever. Angela Carlucci  plays guitar and sings, and Hannah Nichols plays drums and sings, and we were so psyched to have them join us at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this super fun session. No. 1 is out now from King Pizza Records.