Listeners, thank you for fourteen years. Artists, thank you. BTR colleagues, thank you for everything. Stay healthy, keep creating. Signing off -  Maia
It's almost the end, folks. On today's show, I'm revisiting moments in the studio with Jo Schornikow, Air Waves, Liz Vice, Worriers, and Miwi La Lupa.
Hi. On today's episode, the fourth of six goodbye episodes, I reminisce some more about my fourteen years at BTR, and revisit moments with Amy O, Dar Williams, Vagabon, Lina Tullgren, Sophie B.Hawkins, and Tom Brosseau.
Hello friends, on today's episode, I reminisce about past sessions with Heliotropes, Orenda Fink, sad13, Shilpa Ray, and Thelma & The Sleaze.
In the second of six farewell episodes, I reminisce and revisit some truly special sessions from the past, including interviews with Des Ark, Courtney Barnett, and Fred Thomas.
Well, friends, all good things must come to an end. After fourteen twisting and turning years and interviews with some 1400+ artists, I have decided to move on from BTR. Today's episode, along with the next 5 episodes, will contain my goodbyes. Please join me as I revisit memories and sessions from the past decade. Today's show looks back at performances and conversations with Dan Mangan, Vandana, Adia Victoria, Becca Mancari, gobbinjr, and Rose Cousins.
Today’s show features a conversation with Theo Hilton, frontman of Athens, GA band Nana Grizol, along with a socially distanced live performance of the song "Autumn" from the band. Their new album, South Somewhere Else, will be released on June 26 from Arrowhawk Records.
Black Lives Matter. Visit Bandcamp to purchase music from the artists featured on today's show, and check out the list of artists and labels who are contributing their proceeds to organizations in support of racial justice. On June 19th, Bandcamp will donate their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Click to support the artists you've heard on today's show: Maneka Shormey Proper. Zenizen Saint Mela  
The Beths are a rock band based in Auckland, New Zealand, founded by lead singer/songwriter Elizabeth Stokes and guitarist Jonathan Pearce. Blending cool, catchy riff rock with fun vocals -- from all four band members, no less -- the band has a likeably addictive sound. Jump Rope Gazers will be released July 10 from Carpark Records.