Montreal-based musician Thanya Iyer joins Bryan B for a conversation about her new album, the accompanying visual album, life as a creative during quarantine, trust in your community, and her background/connection to music. For the accompanying exclusive performance, Thanya is joined by Pompey in their new home studio with a mesmerizing take on three songs from the record.  Thanya Iyer’s sophomore album, KIND, is available now from Topshelf Records. Watch Thanya Iyer's performance of "Bring Back That Which Is Kind To You" on BTR Live Studio.
Basic Bitches is a noisy duo from Brooklyn that features Naomi Scott on guitar and Krystal Grow on drums. Although Naomi started the band back in 2014 while she was still living in London, she didn’t start playing music with Krystal until 2018 for a White Stripes cover show, the rest as they say, is history. Naomi and Krystal initially thought they’d be spending a chunk of summer on the road, but of course with COVID-19, that didn’t happen. In this episode Naomi and Krystal talk with us about their virtual tour, their ongoing streaming series called Good Morning Bitches, and play a few of the new songs that they’ve written while staying at home. Intro and outro music for this episode is “You Know I’m Right” which can be found on Basic Bitches’ 2019 EP Relatable Content. Watch Basic Bitches' performance of "Lesbian Space Drama" for BTR Live Studio at Home here!
Washington DC, singer songwriter Seán Barna stops by BTR Live Studio for a special At Home session, featuring 3 songs recorded and filmed remotely, a video tour of Seán's at home studio, plus an interview with Jen Meller. We discuss Seán's career in music, his inspirations, and what its like creating an album in the midst of a quarantine. Seán also provides some insight on what it's like working with Adam Duritz, and his fondest memories from tour. Watch the video of his performance here.
Lauren Denitzio of the band WORRIERS returns to BTR Live Studio and joins Bryan B for a chat about their music, the Get It Together newsletter,  being stuck at home, and how pets can actually make a great audience for a show. We've got a few album tracks from You Or Someone You Know, plus an exclusive At Home performance of the song "Terrible Boyfriend."
Live outta BTR Live Studio - the Crazy one, Bazarro, finally had a chance to track down the super busy, ill-lyrical, multi-talented artist: Napoleon Da Legend! Straight from the motherland of East Africa, he came to America at a young age - one day he heard hip-hop being played on the radio and kaboom he already knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After a brief stint honing his skills in the Washington, D.C. area. He moved to the home of hip-hop, NYC. Taking his talent to the next level, Napoleon has been rising to new heights every year since his music career started. We sat Napoleon down to get to know the lyrical genius, and for an exclusive live session from his home. Let's listen! Charles de Gualle EP is available now, with French and English versions of all tracks. Watch Napoleon Da Legend's performance of "Black Privilege" for BTR Live Studio.
Jamie Frey, band-leader of Brooklyn’s NO ICE, has been gigging around New York City for his entire life and so staying at home doesn’t really come naturally for him. Prior to New York’s shutdown, Frey was putting the finishing touches on the group’s second full-length album called All Night—a much poppier affair than the group’s earlier releases. Of course, like so much else in the city, the release is on hold for the time being. In this episode Frey speaks with host Jeanette D. Moses about his coping mechanisms during quarantine, his hopes for whatever comes next, and shares solo versions of three songs from the next album. The intro and outro music for this episode is "ASMR" by Jamie Frey.
Washington DC based singer/songwriter, Adriana-Lucia Cotes also known as the moniker, Antonia and lead singer in Mock Identity appears on BTR Live Studio for a special at home session. Antonia performs two songs and gives us a tour of her at home studio plus an interview with Jen Meller. We discuss her music career, her fond tour memories, and her social activism work to defund the Takoma Park Police Department. In this episode, Adriana also shares her love of stage make-up, her obsession with coffee, and her musical influences. Watch Adriana's home studio tour and performance of "Wild" here.
Portland, Maine songwriter Jeff Beam returns to BTR Live Studio for a very special At Home session, featuring three songs recorded remotely and filmed on VHS - performed with Kate Beever, plus an interview with Bryan B where we cover Beam's music career, the phenomenon of cover bands in Maine, releasing an album during a pandemic, and more. Jeff also provides some insight into what it's been like for One Longfellow Square, the nonprofit arts venue where he books events in Portland, who recently launched a campaign to help keep them afloat. In this episode, Jeff mentions the National Independent Venue Association, who you can learn more about here. Watch the trippy video of their "Disarray" performance here.
Kyle Forester - who has played in the bands Woods, Crystal Stilts, and Purple Mountains - joins us from his home in Queens for this episode of BTR Live Studio at Home hosted by Bryan B, where we discuss his new album, parenting in the time of COVID-19, and more. Hearts In Gardens is available now.