Space Sluts is a synthy, sexy solo project of Brooklyn based musician Madi Cox, who you may recognize as the keys player from the band Shelter Dogs. Space Sluts is a cathartic and very catchy way to deal with the heartbreak one finds while trying to navigate the dating scene of the modern world—made even more complicated in an era of global pandemic. On this episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, Madi dishes on her recently-released  single “St. v,” shares a live version of her quarantine song called “Touch Me (COVID)” and discusses how self-releasing music can feel a whole lot like dating.
As the bio says, "Shamir is Shamir is Shamir."  Nothing more really needs to be said. A singular voice and chameleon-like talent across mediums, sliding thru music genres and aesthetics - from pop beginnings to “indie rock Shamir” - in this exclusive interview and performance from Shamir's home in Philadelphia, we cover a lot: from sustainable merch and the USPS, to his record label  - Accidental Popstar - and his relationship to the stage and performing, as well as the upcoming self-titled full length record.  
Curt Kiser is the Cincinnati-based musician behind the indie rock band Carriers. With sincere, hopeful lyrics and an impressive knack for composition, he’s currently working towards the followup to the band’s epic 2019 full length. In this episode, we talk about all things Cincinnati, Carriers' evolving cast of characters, and what it was like to play the first gig in several months. Watch Carriers' exclusive performance of "Without You" here.
In this episode, Crazy DJ Bazarro catches up with the talented, gifted and strong-minded MC, Nejma Nefertiti to talk about her hip-hop career and life, plus we get an exclusive performance of three tracks. Watch Nejma Nefertiti's exclusive performance of "Ya Habibi" here!
On this episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, the new Brooklyn-based "jangle-pop/sob-rock" band Forever Honey plays a few of their lush and dreamy songs - including one unreleased tune - for us from their brand new practice space, and chats with host Bryan B about their debut EP, what's been happening with the band during quarantine, and finding inspiration for writing new music. Watch the band's exclusive performance of "Christian" here! Forever Honey's debut EP, Pre-Mortem High, is available now.  
Sharif Mekawy of the Brooklyn band Looms joins us on this episode of BTR Live Studio at Home to discuss the band’s new single “My Stupid Life,”  staying creatively occupied as life in New York City ground to a halt and the joy of playing music with people IRL again.   Be sure to check out the video for “My Stupid Life,” which was shot by BTR freelance video shooter Liz Maney back in February, and check out Looms on BTR Live Studio back in 2018. “My Stupid Life” is available now.
One thing I learned about the music business: you don't have to be a superstar to go on tour and travel the world, you don't need to sell a billion records to make a living off your creativity. What you really need is courage, patience and some good talent. Up next on BTR Live Studio, this young man has been around the world visiting a ton of countries some people only dream about traveling to. Give it up for Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose. Mazzi is a dancer, MC, and amazing writer who puts out a ton of music each year with most of the proceeds going to a charity of his choice. I had a chance to sit down and talk to the humble one. Watch a special at Home performance of "Piece" here. One Vibe Africa presents: "Year Of Return" is available now.
Washington DC, indie pop band Lotion Princess stops by BTR Live Studio for a special At Home Session, recorded and filmed remotely in the backyard at a safe social distance by Mariah Miranda. “In The Summer” by Lotion Princess is available now.