Matt Longo is Thin Lear, joined by an extensive, rotating cast of talented musicians. With rich, dynamic, and thoughtful indie rock - moving from thoughtful minimalist folk to epic, artful rock, Thin Lear has been neatly developing its sound and craft for most of this decade with a slew of releases. For this session, Longo and the band - in this case Tom DiCarlo (upright bass), Yaniv Taubenhouse (keyboard), and Jerad Lippi (drums) dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us this preview of the upcoming album. Wooden Cave will be released July 24th from Egghunt Records.  
Gold Dime is the project of drummer/vocalist Andrya Ambro, who we first encountered as part of the amazing duo Talk Normal several years ago. These days, along with Ian Douglas-Moore and Brendan Winick, Ambro drives the propulsive, disjointed post-punk grooves of this project with her impressively relentless and unique drum technique - all while delivering an impressively strong lead vocal. The trio dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to show us how they pull their huge sound together live. My House is out now from Fire Talk Records.
Realworld are the product of a lifetime of consuming the best of 90’s pop-rock culture - party jams, MTV, sweet style, and totally rad attitude fueling their honest, nostalgic tunes. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to remind us how to really party.   “Get Busy” is the latest single from Realworld.  
It’s been a few years since last we saw Parlor Walls here at BTR Live Studio. In that time, the band has trimmed back to a duo (guitarist/vocalist/force of nature Alyse Lamb and drummer/magician/synth dark lord Chris Mulligan), focusing their awesome power on a seething, pulsating, and even more stunning sort of post-punk/art rock. The band dropped by Serious Business Music ahead of the release of their latest record for an intense session. Watch this one closely. Heavy Tongue by Parlor Walls is available now from Famous Swords.  
Winnebago Vacation is a Queens-based band showcasing another side of songwriter Eli Frank (who we know from TOP Nachos). Here, their songs take a deeper, darker, and more mournful tone, in what the band calls folk/goth. They joined us at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this session. Camp Somewhere is available now from Lonely Ghost Records.
Skylar Gudasz is a Durham, NC-based musician with a bold and gritty voice. Drawing on a long musical history and some high-profile collaborations, Gudasz has built a strong language of music from which to craft her own stellar tunes. She brought the band down to Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us a look at her new music in this lovely session.   Cinema will be released April 17, 2020 on Suah Sounds.    
A longtime BTR Live Studio favorite, Workman Song has been an ever-evolving project showcasing the songwriting of Sean McMahon, whose rich and bold-hearted folk music is as timeless as it is unconventional. This time around, McMahon performed solo for us at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us a taste of some of his latest work.   “Ragnarok” is the latest single out now from Workman Song.
Shadow Monster is the Bushwick, Brooklyn-based duo of Gillian Visco and John Swanson who play a potent sort of grunge-inflected indie rock. With heavy lyrical themes dealing with loss, depression, and isolation, there’s a tension just under the surface of their music that explodes into a cathartic big-riffed, hair-whipping frenzy. The band dropped by Serious Business Music to give us a taste of their awesomeness in this session. Punching Bag is out now from Dadstache Records.