Shana Falana is a dream pop band currently based in Kingston, NY. Shana Falani and Michael Amari explore darkness and light in their almost-meditative songs, which are illuminated by dazzling visual projections. The group paid us a visit late last year to discuss their music and plans for 2018.
Benjamin Cartel, whom you may recognize from his previous project Kaiser Cartel, has returned to his solo project roots. He brought his band by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to perform his folk-tinged indie tunes in late 2017 for a session.  
Morning Teleportation is a psychedelic rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky. They visited us late last year to perform songs from Salivating For Symbiosis, their highly anticipated sophomore album,…
Pow Pow Family Band wants you to know that we’re all living in a simulation. That simulation includes Providence, Rhode Island, where founder Miles Robbins began writing the songs that would form the backbone of the band/collective. A rotating cast of characters now fills the stage during Pow Pow Family Band’s inventive live shows and for this recent session at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn.
Look to the basements and tree houses of Brooklyn, and you might find BIRDS, a psych rock band originally formed around the songs of Duane Lauginiger.
Peter Oren’s baritone voice instantly begs attention. The songwriter’s thoughtful new album, Anthropocene (Western Vinyl), produced by Wilco’s Ken Coomer, reflects on the current state of our world, and asks “how will we escape this hell we made?”
Self-described “fairy-folk” artist Jordan Klassen is a prolific songwriter based in Vancouver, BC,  who has spent the better part of the past decade writing and releasing music with deep personal…
Songwriter Jaye Bartell playfully recorded his fourth album back in his old stomping ground of Asheville, NC, with contributions from an illustrious crew of friends, including Angel Olsen. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Jaye visited our studio in late 2017 to perform a handful of songs and chat about record making and life in New York. In a Time Of Trouble, a Wild Exultation is available now from Sinderlyn. \
Strawberry Runners is the project of guitarist and songwriter Emi Night. Her tender, deeply personal songs are heartbreaking, revelatory, and relatable all at once. The band joined us earlier this…