BTR Live Studio
Jessica Jalbert is a Canadian musician based in Edmonton, Alberta, and the driving force behind Faith Healer. From jammy, funky indie rock to woozy synth pop, the band’s style shifts subtly…
Zuli was last seen on BTRtoday in a BTR Hear & There session filmed in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Now, they return with an even more expansive, psychedelic pop record. The project of Long Island’s own…
Brooklyn songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around talented and versatile performer Caitlin Frame heads up the post-punky FRAME, while also holding down the low end. The band dropped by…
Brooklyn trio Sloppy Heads have emerged from the secret lair where they’ve crafted their first full on, totally real, cool-as-hell LP with the help of the capable James McNew (Yo La Tengo, Dump). It’s maybe just a little sloppy, but more like loose, in a sweet, groovy kind of way. The band stopped by Serious Business Music iN DUMBO to show us the new jams.
Elizabeth and the Catapult is New York musician Elizabeth Ziman, a critically acclaimed and incredibly talented singer/songwriter with an impressive musical resume of collaborations and credits. With impeccable pop sensibility and clever musical twists in her folk pop style, Elizabeth makes super-satisfying songs that we absolutely love. She brought her brand new band down to the live room at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn for this special session. Keepsake will be available on October 20 via Compass Records.
Big Bliss is a Brooklyn band formed in 2015 by brothers Cory (drums) and Tim (vocals, guitar) Race, along with bassist Wallace May. The trio blasts out a furious sort of post-punk and indie rock that draws a bit on shoegaze (think perhaps a little Mission Of Burma here, a little Interpol there), and have been playing shows almost constantly since their inception. We finally got them to take a breather and stop by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn to show us what they’ve been up to. The “Fortune” single is available now from Exit Stencil Recordings.
HYUKOH are juggernauts of the Korean indie rock world. Taking on K-Pop and proving that rock n’ roll and other international sounds are welcome in the pop culture scene best known for sugary sweet pop, they’ve climbed the charts and garnered considerable critical acclaim. While their retro-leaning fashion sense knods to something else, musically they run the gamut from gentle indie rock and folk to hard-hitting punk and rap touches. Extremely versatile musicians - and mutli-lingual singers - HYUKOH are set for even further world domination. While in NYC on their first ever North American tourl, they stopped by to share their music with us in this session, recorded live at Serious Business Music in DUMBO. 23 is available now.   
Dan Croll is a Liverpool-based musician with a knack for super catchy, hooky pop songs. He stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn to give us this exclusive solo take on his tasty earworms! Dan Croll’s sophomore album, Emerging Adulthood, is available now.
Siv Jakobsen is a Norwegian indie-folk musician with a powerful, haunting voice. She stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us this intimate look at some music from her debut album. The Nordic Mellow is available now.