BTR Live Studio
Like any good Jersey band, Springfield’s The Vaughns are inspired by bowling, fried food, and music. Their riffy, garagey take on punk is a fun one, filled with catchy melodies and sweet hooks. If this is your first time hearing/seeing them, pay attention! They dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to show us how it’s done. The Tomfoolery EP by The Vaughns is available now.
Brooklyn indie rock trio Holy Tunics have been making the scene for a minute now, and we think they’re on to something with their catchy, upbeat, sun-kissed guitar rock. They dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share this brand new song with us. Hot To Trot by Holy Tunics is available now.  
From Indian Lakes -- or Joey Vannucchi, who grew up near Indian Lakes, outside Yosemite National Park -- is a fascinating musical project. With lush orchestration on record, carefully thought out over the 3 month home recording process and reworked in a proper studio, and catchy melodies winding from folk to pop with a brief stop at emo along the way, From Indian Lakes seems to occupy a space we haven’t seen so expertly filled since the first couple of Death Cab For Cutie records. Raw emotion spilling out into beautiful, color songscapes are everywhere here, and Joey brought them to Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn to share this special solo performance with us. Everything Feels Better Now by From Indian Lakes is available now from Triple Crown Records.
We’re going to let Darkwing describe themselves here: “Anti-hero Theme Music. Yin yang grunge. Music to promote critical thinking. Happy/albeit sometimes strange music with lyrics about being uncomfortable or disappointed in the world and oneself or straight up love and stuff.” That’s about as perfectly as it can be put. It’s also worth noting that the band -- based in Leonia, New Jersey, and made up of Richie, Zach, Louis, and Lyzi (also of Fruit & Flowers) -- is exceptionally adept at blasting out huge, badass rock music with sweet hooks. They brought the chaos to the studio at Serious Business Music in DUMBO.   Lameonia is available now, and Darkwing has new music coming soon.      
Vinegar Mother is a progressive soul group begun in Connecticut and making moves in the NYC music scene.Comprised of Julia Zivic on vocals, Itamar Gov-Ari on keyboard, Jason Zivic on drums, and Mike Roninson on bass, the band is dedicated to bringing some much-needed good vibes to 2017. They dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some of that with you for this session! The Sunny Seat EP is available now.
Secret Crush is an extremely likeable Brooklyn rock band made up of Greg Timmes, Matt Billington, Nick Rogers, and John Swanson. They’ve got the grungy, waily guitar thing so down that it makes it hard not to bounce along to their songs. Take a listen and you’ll see exactly what we mean. It’s ok, nobody can see you dancing in front of the computer. Go for it. Birth EP by Secret Crush is available now.
Parlor Walls is the Brooklyn-based trio of Alyse Lamb, Chris Mulligan, and Kate Mohanty. Lamb and Mohanty honed their blend of noise guitar and sax in the band EULA, perfecting their dramatic, modern take on post-punk. The band has been very active since their 2014 inception and, with their upcoming Northern Spy debut, things are set to take off even more. They dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to bring the noise to our live room for this session! Opposites by Parlor Walls will be release March 10th by Northern Spy Records.
Roya is a Brooklyn-based band with a strong pedigree in the local and national scene, with members from notable acts Habibi, The Clean, Grooms, and Angry Angles. Musically, they tread the now-familiar world of post-punk groove, with touches of 60s pop and a focus on lyrics at the forefront that allow them to sing about even the darkest of subjects with a deceptively upbeat vibe. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a first look at and listen to what they have in store as their debut album looms. Roya’s self-titled debut record will be released via Burger Records on March 5, 2017.