BTR Live Studio
David Nance is a classic rocker. We don’t mean that he plays classic rock, but he DOES rock in the way that most bands these days can’t, or at least don’t bother to. Like, he embodies it. In that long haired, feedback-slinging, getting into the groove, cymbal-smashing vibe, custom-made for tape hiss freaks and vinyl crackle aficionados. Music to get into and get down to. We like it a whole lot. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to shake it up for this session! Negative Boogie is available now from Ba Da Bing Records.
Bonelang is the Chicago-based duo of Matt Bones and Samy.Language. Backed by talented jazz musicians and drawing on the influence of pop, hip hop, and jazz, the group has a fresh sound, blending smooth singing with fiery rhymes and flow along with tight instrumentation. They brought their magic to Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, for this fresh session.
Trevor Sensor is a  23-year old songwriter from Sterling, Illinois. With a voice that reveals his clear musical lineage (Guthrie>Dylan>Waits) and a fresh punkish attitude, the prolific Trevor has a lot to say. Musically, he’s been in some great hands already - working with Jonathan Rado of Foxygen and the creative talent of Richard Swift in the studio, as well as the band Whitney backing his tunes on record, things are off to a killer start for this young talent. He stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a few tunes with us in this intimate session.   Trevor Sensor’s debut LP, Andy Warhol’s Dream, is available now from Jagjaguwar.
Wanderers through the watering holes of late night Kings County may have stumbled upon Evan Fricks, a Southern Gothic crooner with the energy of a lightning bolt, weaving the dark, enchanting tales of Ole Fateful. Born in north Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Fricks has spent the past several years in New York City honing his craft - songs of loss and redemption brought to life by the synergy between band members Jae Ko (slide guitar), Krystine Summers (accordion,banjo), Rob Hellyer (bass), and Ryan Hayden (drums). The band recently visited us at Serious Business Music in DUMBO to perform a handful of brand new songs from their upcoming LP.  
Re-TROS (Rebuilding the Rights of Statues) are a Beijing, China-based trio. With lead singer/guitarist Hua Dong and his wife, bassist Liu Min, at the core, the band has developed a strong local and international following. Ahead of the release of their upcoming album - recorded by Hector Castillo (Philipp Glass, David Bowie, Björk) - the band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a taste of what fans in China have been onto for years. Before The Applause, will be released in September 2017 via Modern Sky USA.  
Idgy Dean is the live-loop-based solo musical endeavor of Brooklyn’s Lindsay Sanwald. Sanwald’s presence is electric, and the energy and skill with which she weaves together and manipulates live sound loops is unforgettable. Get a look at how she does it in this session, recorded live at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Heavy Cosmic Lumber is available for pre-order on Pledgemusic now.
  Roselit Bone is the 9-piece gang of cowboys spreading the dark visions of Joshua McCaslin, based out of Portland, Oregon. McCaslin’s style draws heavily on country, but the band’s vibe and subject matter veer hard from post-punk to rockabilly, pulling together a soundtrack for the end times that feels wholly appropriate these days. The band crammed into the live room at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to share their tales with us. Blister Steel is available now on Friendship Fever.
  Chicago trio Dream Version -- Eric Brummitt, Alec Jensen, and Michael Kunik -- have been perfecting their poppy, post-punk-inspired indie rock since 2013. Keeping instrumentation to the classic power trio setup gives the band a lot of room to play and experiment with their idea of pop music, pushing things further into the arty, experimental territory that makes them feel a bit more in line with The Fall than The Kinks. The music is deceptively smart in it’s simplicity, and the lyrics manage to turn personal questions and conflicts into rock anthems. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share their music with us.   Fight Fair by Dream Version is available now.  
Dinosaur Pile-Up is the UK-based grunge trio of Matt Bigland, Michael Sheils and Jim Cratchley. Though the sound they’ve mastered has strong associations to a certain era and city, the huge, catchy, riff-heavy verse-chorus-verse dynamics the band employs definitely feel their own. Even more impressive is the group’s super sharp, tight vocal performance and pure rock power. The guys stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO while on tour with Chevelle to show us how it’s done. Eleven Eleven by Dinosaur Pile-Up is available now.