BTR Live Studio
Today's episode features an exclusive in studio performance and interview with Lisa Prank.
We celebrate this holiday weekend by looking back at some notable sessions of 2016. Today we feature Michael Nau, Tom Brosseau, Sonya Kitchell, and Mimes of Wine.
Racing Heart is the musical identity of Mathias H. Tjønn. Based in Oslo, Norway, and aided by the production skills of Hanne Hukkelberg, the band is a shapeshifting project that has seen contributions by the likes of Jenny Hval and Martin Langlie. The songs are definitely pop-oriented, but with a fascinating, experimental take on the genre, exploring a blend of conventional sounds alongside tried-and-true melodic structures. Mathias stopped by Serious Business On BTR to share this intimate look at his music. What Comes After by Racing Heart is available now.
Adia Victoria is a songwriter currently based in Nashville. With her “gothic country” take on rock n’ roll, sweetened by a poetic touch, Adia blends the slow and spooky with the crunchy and melodic in a unique way. She dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO while on the road to share some music from her new album. Beyond The Bloodhounds by Adia Victoria is available now.
Total Slacker is, according to their own description, a slimegaze band from Brooklyn. Comprised of Tucker Rountree, Lydia Gammill, and Mattie Siegal, the trio has gained considerable footing on the scene since the project took off in 2010. With heavy, catchy grooves and guitar-based hooks -- along with some serious shredding -- there’s definitely a bit of shoegaze and grunge going on, but what really stands out is the sprinkling of sparse 80s guitar throughout each song, often before a chorus shows up and kicks everything into overdrive. There’s some masterful pop songwork beneath all the musical acrobatics that shouldn’t be overlooked happening here as well. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a live look at how they make it all happen. Parallels by Total Slacker is available now.
Eros and the Eschaton is a Colorado-based indie rock band. Their pop tendencies are lightly coated in shoegaze touches, with the real hook being the vocal interplay between Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins, who founded the project in 2012. Fans of Broken Social Scene will definitely appreciate this group’s approach to the experimental indie-pop genre. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, for this session. Weight Of Matter is available now from Bar/N0ne records.
Fairweather by Dinowalrus is available now.
Queens five-piece Oxymorrons is a high energy, experimental hip hop collective. Falling somewhere between sample-happy hip hop breaks and beats and chart-topping pop choruses -- all on a bed of funk and rock -- everything these guys do is meant to please and make you dance. They’re serious about good times, with plenty of tongue-in-cheek bits to drag a smile out of even the most serious, jaded music fans. Their bag is full of musical tricks, and they pull out all the stops on their new EP to show you a good time. They brought the fun to the studio at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, for this exclusive session. The Complex But Basic EP is available now.
Kuroma has long been the dense, psych-laced pop project of Hank Sullivant, based in Athens, Georgia, who has played in notable acts MGMT and The Whigs. On the project’s latest release, they keep the Beach Boy-influenced vibes going, but add a new twist: inspired by a recent religious awakening of sorts, the trippy sounds are taken even further into the spiritual realm. Here, Hank joins us for an intimate, solo take on his music at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The Dark Horse Rides Again is available now.