00:00 BTR Live Studio: Del Water Gap 00:33 Vanessa 04:53 Let’s Pretend 08:52 Interview 15:04 Alright 17:57 Don’t Read the Mirror 20:33 Interview 25:43 Cut The Rope 30:33 Outro 30:42 Finish
Guerilla Toss seems to exist in an acid-drenched cartoon world of future music. Stylistically, there’s some sort of punk/funk/jazz jam going on, but never mind the ingredients, this band’s all about the end result, which is a strange, morphing blend of totally mind-bending goodness, pulled together by the vocal performance of Kassie Carlson. Though they originated in the Boston area, the group has since found its way to New York, where their collaborators in the DFA-related and Brooklyn experimental/art scene provide some pretty fertile ground for collaboration. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to blow our minds. Eraser Stargazer by Guerrilla Toss is available now from DFA Records.
Audacity is a garage punk band from Fullerton, California. They’ve been bashing out fun, uncompromising tunes since they were kids, and while still young, they’ve already got more than enough years (we’re talking 10+) under their belt together to show all the newcomers exactly how to do it right. Turn this one way up and enjoy. Hyper Vessels by Audacity is available now.
Miwi La Lupa, a NYC-based songwriter who previously visited BTR Live Studio around the release of his debut album, is back with an excellent sophomore release. Continuing his evolution as a songwriter and band leader, MiWi La Lupa draws from folk and rock inspirations to tell personal stories through highly catchy pop songs. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to share some of the new sounds.
Moving Panoramas is an Austin-based trio that plays shoegaze-inspired pop, bouncing through chill grooves with soft, reverb-laden vocals floating on top. Comprised of Leslie Sisson on guitar/vocals (who previously visited BTR Live Studio with The Wooden Birds), Rozie Castoe on bass/vocals, and Karen Skloss on drums, the band has developed a perfectly locked-in style that works well to create the sort of “panoramic” sound that they’re chasing under those big Texas skies. Moving Panoramas’ debut LP, One, is available now.
Atlanta punk trio The Coathangers just cruised into their 10th year of rockin’ — and to say they’ve come a long way is a huge understatement. The band began as a wild, no wave/garage-inspired ball of fun and chaos made up of friends who didn’t totally know how to play but wanted to start a band. Along the way, they’ve matured and picked up a broad range of inspiration, all while honing their sound and musicianship to a fine point. This charmer of a kiss-off single nearly burned down the damn studio, and all with the best, most punk instrumentation we’ve seen in awhile: drums, bass, and dog toy! The Coathangers’ new album, Nosebleed Weekend, is available now from Suicide Squeeze Records.
Journalism is a Brooklyn band fronted by Kegan Zema. Kegan recently staged a multimedia exhibit at the Bushwick, Brooklyn venue/collective Silent Barn, f which he is a member, called “American Icon” in which he, as “ZEMA,” took on the personas of David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, and more. Musically, Journalism explores similar territory as the early 2000s wave of post-post-punk and garage rock, straddling the line between brooding and dancing, but Zema’s awareness and interest in musical and pop culture theory clearly influences his lyrics and the band’s performance. The group stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a tune.
2001 is a bit of a supergroup. With an impossible to Google band name, unconventional pop rhythms and song structures, and an impressive NYC music scene pedigree, this collaboration between Joan Wasser (of Joan As Policewoman) and Benjamin Lazar Davis was sparked by a fascination with Pygmy music while in Africa. Here, they share a Joan-led tune with looping guitar stutters, tight grooves, and pointed lyrics. 2001 currently has two singles, “Broke Me In Two” and “Overloaded,” available.
The Dead Ships is the Los Angeles-based garage rock trio of Devlin McCluskey, Christopher Spindelilus, and Alex Moore. While still a relatively young project, the band has already recorded an EP with Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning, rocked the stage at Coachella, and is currently on track to release a full length (again collaborating with Canning). Here, they blast through their hard-rockin’ anti-authority anthem of a single, “Company Line.” The Dead Ships is currently working on their full length follow up to 2015’s EP1.