Pearl Charles is a young songwriter from Los Angeles. At just 23 years old, she already has about five years of touring experience under her belt from her time with The Driftwood Singers and The Blank Tapes (which is where we met her, when they visited BTR Live Studio a while back). Setting off on a solo career over the past year, Pearl has been finding and developing her own voice and timeless, bluesy psych-folk style. She stopped by the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2016 to share some of her new tunes with us, under the big old tree in our backyard.
Adan Jodorowsky (formerly operating under the name Adanowsky) and Xavi Polycarpe (of the rock band Gush) are French natives and old friends who found themselves collaborating after each going through simultaneous breakups. The duo diverges from their own musical pasts while maintaining their own sensibilities — rock for Xavi and pop for Adan, whose time spent in Mexico comes through in his Spanish singing. Heading more for the warm, smooth pop rock of George Harrison and Harry Nillson, the two are aided by their choice to record mostly live and direct to 8-track tape before filling things out with the rhythm section, Los Imanes. Adan & Xavi stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn on their first trip out performing in support of the project.
Tiny Hazard are an impossible-to-define experimental Brooklyn pop band. Fronted by the dynamic singer Alena Spanger, the band moves between sparse, pretty pop and explosive, caustic noise on a whim. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to show us just how they do it.
Eskimeaux is the musical project of Gabrielle Smith, a founding member of Brooklyn collective The Epoch. Begun in 2007, it has served as an umbrella for everything from noise experiments to rock combos, while currently existing as a tight four member bedroom-pop band. Eskimeaux stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some songs and talk a bit about their history.
Emanuel & The Fear (aka songwriter Emanuel Ayvas and his gang of musical cohorts) returns to BTR Live Studio with their latest orchestral-pop rock sagas. With a leaner lineup than past incarnations, the group now leans pleasingly and more heavily on the folky, storytelling side of indie rock than ever before. Here, the band stops by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a live take on their newest single.
We’re pretty sure that mood ring pop isn’t an actual genre, but Half Waif’s self-description does feel pretty spot on. The band is a Brooklyn trio spearheaded by Nandi Rose Plunkett’s flawless vocals and piano-led compositions (the Tori Amos influence is strong and readily professed by Nandi), along with the rhythm section of Zack Levine and Adan Carlo. Their version of pop is jazzy and, at times, a little disjointed in the best way possible, making excellent rhythmic use of a blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some tunes and to talk a bit about how they found the sounds that make up their songs.
New Brunswick, New Jersey, has developed a reputation as a hub of DIY/punk music over the past decade or so and, while the trio of Long Beard certainly come from that scene, their music plays more to the understated, pretty, and melancholy side than some of their contemporaries. With half-whispered vocals that sound like late night bedroom secrets (appropriately, singer Leslie Bear actually recorded them that way), the band delivers a strong, no-frills base for the stories they tell to play out. They stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to share some music and chat a bit about how the songs traveled from demos to fully executed recordings.
Hellrazor — formerly known as Dead Wives — is among the grungy spawn of New Haven, Connecticut. Fronted by Speedy Ortiz drummer Michael Falcone, the trio is heavy on groove and bass, with big riffs, dissonance, and those sweet loud-quiet-loud dynamics that every 90s kid goes crazy for. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to play some tunes and talk about their humble beginnings covering Rancid.
Growing out of the bedroom recordings of Montclair, New Jersey’s Cody Fitzgerald, Stolen Jars has evolved since its inception in 2009, growing to include vocal contributions from collaborator Molly Grund as well as a full band. Stemming from folk and indie rock, Stolen Jars often plays with unconventional pop sounds and circular rhythms alongside warm, sweet vocals that surprise the ears. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some music and chat with Maia.