BTR Live Studio
We last caught up with the Massachusetts-based duo, You Won’t, in Austin during SXSW a couple years ago, and they’ve only continued to grow and develop their two-man cacophony of experimental folk/rock pop since then. Together, Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri blend an impressive array of instruments and effects to create their own world of sound, full of vivid imagery and storytelling with just a touch of humor. We welcomed the band back to the studio for this up-close look at how they cleverly make all that noise together. Revolutionaries, the new album from You Won’t, is available now.  
00:00 BTR Live Studio: Amy Klein 00:38 Twenty Seven 04:41 Ocean Grove 09:37 Interview 12:15 Parallel 17:04 Interview 18:32 Valerie 23:43 Interview 26:12 Fire 31:02 Outro 31:13 Finish Amy Klein is a poet-musician who first landed on the radar of most music fans during her stint playing with the excellent NJ-centric punk band, Titus Andronicus. In the five years since, she’s led several bands (Hilly Eye and Leda) and worked tirelessly on her first full batch of catchy, psych-tinged rock songs under her own name. With her album finally out in the world, Amy brought her band to Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us an inside look at the tunes! Amy Klein’s debut solo album, Fire, is available now from Don Giovanni Records.
NYC songwriter Sonya Kitchell began her career in western Massachusetts, releasing her first gentle folk record ten years ago at the age of seventeen. In the decade since, her style has developed and her skills as a songwriter, performer, and in the studio have become highly refined. Sonya stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to bring us this raw, captivating look at her music. Sonya Kitchell’s We Come Apart is available now.
The Spook School is a wonderful group of people from Edinburgh, Scotland, who make upbeat, memorable queer indie-pop punk rock. We met them in Austin this year when they kicked off our party, impressively packing the house with an early crowd, and had to have them come by the studio while they were in town for NYC Popfest. Here, they share a tune crafted for the Slumberland/Fortuna Pop!’s upcoming Continental Drift split record. The Spook School’s Try To Be Hopeful is available now.
Chicago trio Tiny Fireflies came together in a perfect way: Kristine Capua (Tiny Microphones) and Lisle Mitnik (Fireflies) brought their own complementary pop sensibilities together as a one-off collaboration for a compilation, but the overwhelming popularity of their new “band” led to further collaboration, and eventually to the band we find in front of us today. As a trio -- unless you include the drummer, Tom the drum machine -- they make perfectly layered, shimmering indie pop with a super nostalgic, sweet vibe. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to show us how they make it happen. Tiny Fireflies’ debut album, The Space Between, is available now.
Dead Leaf Echo is a dream-pop band from NYC, calling their take on the genre “Nouveau Wave.” The group blends the classic jangle/noise dynamic with romantic, drug-laced scenarios, proudly bearing the influence of 4AD favorites such as Pixies, Lush, etc. Approaching a decade of playing in the NYC trenches and through frequent national touring, Dead Leaf Echo has kept the tunes coming with an impressive number of releases, along with artfully-crafted short films to accompany them. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a closer look at how they craft their big sound. The band’s split 7" with The Harrow is available now.
Weakened Friends is a heart-on-the-sleeve indie rock band from New England. Comprised of Sonia Sturino and Cam Jones (both formerly of The Box Tiger), along with Annie Hoffman (of The Field Effect), this trio of fairly tall humans play with a burning passion that’s hard to fake. This project seems a little more straightforward than The Box Tiger’s caterwaul in a pop-punk sort of way, and - if it’s possible - considerably more vicious. The band took a minute out of their busy regional tour schedule (which seems to include dominating Boston and Portland, Maine - with serious progress being made in NYC as well) to drop by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a live taste of what they’ve got coming up. Crushed by Weakened Friends will be released July 22, 2016.
free cake for every creature, with its adorable and almost sickly sweet name, is bringing twee back. Katie P. Bennett’s indie pop music, filled out by a full band that manages to play about as quietly as possible, has about as much of a 90s K Records vibe as any group of millennials could possibly muster. While references and nods are likely intentional to some extent, we’re forced to believe that Bennett really is just laying her soul out there honestly, sharing her own stories of love and confusion (you know, “growing up” stuff) in the most melodic way possible. Her soft-spoken vocals hook you from the start and make you ache for the rest of the story. The band stopped by the studio for this live look at one of their new album’s most memorable tracks. Talking Quietly Of Anything With You is available now from Double Double Whammy.
Astronautalis, aka Andy Bothwell, is a man with a lot on his mind. Let’s start with the basics: he’s a rapper known around the world for his hard-touring, indie/punk ethics living in Minneapolis, Minnesota -- a city that’s quickly becoming one of our favorites for music, thanks to the Doomtree and Totally Gross National Product crews, among plenty of other great acts in recent years. And while he’s certainly got the hip-hop chops to destroy any stage, Astronautalis quickly sets himself apart from the crowd by making his deep and passionate love of all genres of music -- and especially indie rock -- very apparent through conversation or even by checking out his list of collaborators on records. Smart, talented, and quick-witted, Astronautalis is changing the game. He dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to bring some fire with just a laptop and a microphone. Cut The Body Loose by Astronautalis is available now.