BTR Live Studio
Spritzer is a new project from Friend Roulette’s Matt Meade. Like the refreshing beverage of their namesake, the band is all about keeping it fun and chill while creating a home for music that didn’t quite fit elsewhere. If the songs weren’t so catchy and the band wasn’t full of seriously killer musicians, it could be easy to write it off from that description, but Meade is a great songwriter, and every song that passes through the Spritzer prism is full of irresistibly bright, memorable vibes. When you’ve got songwriting chops like this, it turns out that just trying a sound or song because it feels good can be exactly the way to go.
Now you can watch us on your iPhone or iPad! Check out the BTRtoday App! Adrian Daniel is a musician from Brooklyn, New York, whose music is a funky, soulful take on alternative rock and pop. He brought his full band to Serious Business music in DUMBO to play some songs, and to talk a bit about the issues that his single, “Pride,” brings up.
It was a couple of years ago that we last caught up with songwriter Sean McMahon’s folk ensemble Workman Song in a church (watch one of our favorite episodes of BTR Hear & There to see for yourself: Now with a more fully-formed lineup -- though still including the significant contributions of Sean’s brother, organist Griffin -- and more psych-inspired vibes with the distinct folk touches of Bruce and Bob (you know who we mea,n here), as well as a brand new batch of songs, the band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to chat with Maia and offer a first look at their latest sounds.
The Perennials are Pete and Amanda Wells. The band began in Spokane, Washington, but has spent the past few years in Brooklyn, New York, collaborating with renowned producer Thomas “Doveman” Bartlett on their debut EP. Vibrant, dramatic, and mature, The Perennials’ music tells stories that swoop across vast landscapes of sound. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a first look at their songs, and to chat about the project with Maia.
Courtesy Tier exist in New York City, but come from all over the world. Their diverse backgrounds, both personal and musical, blend together perfectly for a smart, fresh take on rootsy, bluesy rock. While they’ve certainly got the catchy, anthemic thing down, there’s more to their music, allowing the band to stretch their songs out, creating room and drama for a uniquely epic style. Here they brought their big sound to Serious Business Music and chatted with Maia a bit about the band.
Bethlehem Steel, a Brooklyn trio of fuzzy, poppy-punk loving rockers, has a real way with dynamics. It’s that loud-quiet-loud with some sing-screaming that works so well, and the band puts it to excellent use in their nostalgia-tinged songs. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO share a brand new song and to chat with Maia a bit about how they ended up named for a defunct company.
Old Man Canyon is the Vancouver-based project of musician Jett Pace. This is total pop, from the shimmery guitar and keyboards to the perfectly tight percussion. It’s no surprise the band has found themselves sharing the stage with the likes of the like-minded Foster The People and Paper Kites. The band stopped by on their way through NYC to share some songs and chat about the project at Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
Fireships is the latest project from NYC-born songwriter Andrew Vladek. This Brooklyn-based (and Brooklyn-inspired) project brings together a group of Vladek’s talented musical friends in creating timeless, rock-inspired folk music. While the songs are well-crafted and performed by stellar musicians, it’s really the vocals that stand out and make these songs unique, thanks to Vladek’s weary, confident delivery and sharp storytelling.