BTR Live Studio
Fear Of Men are back. The band, from Brighton, England, previously appeared on BTR Live Studio a few years ago, but now, more mature and taking a distinctively groovier, stranger turn with their music, the group returns to share some of their latest with us. Fall Forever is available now on Kanine Records.
At first glance, Arc Iris appears to have landed here from the future of music -- and it’s not just the flashy outfits and dramatic lighting, either. With a fortress of keyboards, some of the tastiest drumming around, and the magnetic whirlwind of Jocie Adams heading it all up with twisting stories and songs, this trio from Providence, Rhode Island, packs a lot of memorable punch through musical virtuosity that’s sure to make an impact on any audience. Adams may be familiar from her time in the innovative indie-folk band, The Low Anthem, but Arc Iris is truly its own creature, drawing comparisons to the likes of Björk and Radiohead with their unusual approach to pop music. Moon Saloon, the second album by Arc Iris, is out now from Bella Union.
From his homebase in The Berkshires of Massachusetts, Woodson Black crafted the elegant genius of Haux and the project’s first release of ambient pop. Blending acoustic and electronic elements with layers of sound, falling on each other like clouds rather than crushing the foundation, Haux is here to draw you in, calm you down, and tell you secrets. The full band joined our crew at Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this performance. The debut EP by Haux, All We've Known, is available now from Akira Records.
Big Eyes is a super tight, badass rock band from NYC. Kait Eldridge formed and leads the project, and it owes much to 70s riff-heavy power pop, which the band pulls off flawlessly. Kait’s pop-punk roots show at times, and they happen to blend well with the big riffs and catchy hooks. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to tear it up with music from their latest album. Stake My Claim by Big Eyes is available now from Don Giovanni.
Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster is mostly known as the lead singer of the Oxford, Mississippi trio, Water Liars. In contrast to that band’s raw energy and often heavy themes, Kinkel-Schuster’s solo project is much gentler, with softer tones and a bit less chaos, though no lack of musicality or catchiness. Justin stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a very stripped down -- just himself and a guitar -- taste of some of his music. Constant Stranger, the debut solo album by Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, will be released September 30, 2016, via Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records
Laura Loriga is the principal songwriter and performer for the band Mimes Of Wine. Currently splitting her time (and band members) between NYC and Bologna, Italy, Loriga drives the project with her stunning voice and tasteful piano playing. Though her newest release is the first to feature a full band, for this session Mimes Of Wine appears in its rawest form, as Laura Loriga solo, on keyboard and vocals at Serious Business Music in DUMBO. La Maison Verte by Mimes Of Wine is available now.
NYC garage rock band Rich Girls -- usually a trio led by Luisa Black, but a duo here -- brings that gritty blend of post-punk and art-rock back to the forefront. Begun by Black in London, the band has grown and changed over several releases, but kept things nice and reverby all along. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share some new music with us for this session. Rich Girls’ new EP, Love is the Dealer, will be available September 2016.
Ishmael Osekre is a Ghanaian-born musician and writer who has made a name for himself as an active proponent of the Brooklyn indie music scene. Along with his rowdy band, The Lucky Bastards, Osekre drives the punk-and-ska-inflected afropop tunes with his distinctive raspy voice and crisp guitar playing, earning him the distinction of being called “the Fela of punk.” The band brought their positive energy to Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this fun performance! Osekre & The Lucky Bastards Why Are You Here? EP is available now.
Songwriter Michael Nau lives in Cumberland, Maryland. Initially gaining recognition for his songcraft in the band Page France, Nau then kept things going by collaborating with his wife, Whitney McGraw, as Cotton Jones. While writing and touring with that project, Michael was stockpiling the tender, sweet songs that would eventually launch his solo career with Mowing. He stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share a few tunes with you! Mowing, the debut solo record by Michael Nau, is available now from Suicide Squeeze Records.