BTR Live Studio
Sons Of An Illustrious Father is the Brooklyn-based trio of Osh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and Ezra Miller. The band has a strong, family-like connection and often swaps instruments during their set, trading off lead duties on different songs. There’s something special to their “future folk” and we could totally feel it in the studio as they came by to share this version of “Tendrils.” Sons Of An Illustrious Father’s new album, Revol, is available now.
Flora Cash is the folk-pop duo of Shpresa Lleshaj & Cole Randall. Their story is a classic modern romance: meeting across the globe via Soundcloud, collaborating, falling in love, moving back and forth between Stockholm, Sweden (where they’re currently based) and Minneapolis, Minnesota to be together… and their music reflects their story. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to share an intimate look at their song, “For Someone.”
Paul & Kris Masson are the duo at the core of the Baltimore-based Great American Canyon Band. Their dreamy folk rock has a certain beautiful heaviness at times, carried by the couple’s well-worn harmonies. Though the full four-piece band is in the midst of a year packed with tour dates, Paul and Kris stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO for this stripped-down session.
CocoRosie is the eccentric and fascinating musical project of sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady. The duo first gained notoriety in the 00’s scene of Brooklyn musicians and artists experimenting with pop, rock, and other genres, and has since continued to evolve their sonic perversions. Making great use of blending two disparate vocal styles -- one crooning and nostalgic, the other childlike and rap-influenced -- as well as their unique use of toys and children’s instruments, CocoRosie continues to make highly innovative music. The band, including a beatboxer and synth player, rolled up to the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2016 to take over the backyard, completely making it their own for this very special performance under the big tree. Heartache City is available now.
Lucy Dacus is a young musician based out of Richmond, Virginia, who came out of nowhere and immediately caught our attention. In a similar vein as other recent favorites Courtney Barnett and Julien Baker, Dacus has a clear and honest style of storytelling and perspective through song that we just can’t get enough of. While on tour with her band at SXSW in Austin, Texas, she stopped by the BTRhouse to play some music for us in the comfort of our front porch. Lucy Dacus’ debut single, "I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore,” is available now.
Mise En Scene is a Canadian band from Winnipeg whose music is centered around the collaboration between Stefanie Blondal Johnson on vocals and guitar and Jodi Dunlop on drums. Sunny and with a healthy dose of reverb, their music is catchy and fun -- aka, perfect for an afternoon session on the porch of the BTRhouse in Austin! The four-piece group stopped by for a stripped down performance in the middle of a busy week at SXSW! Mise En Scene is currently preparing to release their sophomore record.
Guts Club is Lindsey Baker. Currently residing in New Orleans, Baker writes and performs striking, flowing stories in folk song form, righteously unadorned and straightforward, with minimal accompaniment on record. Guts Club joined us in Austin during SXSW 2016 for a special performance under the big tree in BTRhouse backyard.
Dreamers is telling it like it is, singing about what they know. This Brooklyn-originating trio bashes around with punk ethos in a power pop cosmic state, making super accessible music that still has a coat of grit. The guys stopped by for an intimate, stripped-down session on the porch of the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2016.
Holy Esque is a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. With sweeping soundscapes and dark themes, the music on their recently-released LP has a huge feeling that can be at once overwhelming and totally captivating. The band reigned their sound in considerably for this intimate, stripped-down session on the porch of the BTRhouse in Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2016.