Wet Nurse is a garage pop band from Orlando, Florida. Their music lands in the fast/short/catchy realm, and takes things even further with the secret weapon of Nina and Susana Chaplin’s dual lead vocals. You really can’t do better than sibling harmonies — the Chaplins even remind us a bit of the Deal sisters, with their pleasing slight-raspiness. Musically, the band draws on surf, punk, and pop, all wrapped up with a nod to the 90s alt-rock that makes it feel just right. They stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to rip it up and chat with guest host Travis Harrison. So It Goes by Wet Nurse is available now.
Janie Price is an English/Irish musician who performs as Bird. Her sweet, synth-laden pop music is often centered around her main instrument, the cello, along with her voice. She stopped by the studio to share some songs and talk about how the process for each album has evolved, the latest of which was produced with Chris Kimsey (known for his work with the Rolling Stones). Figments of Our Imagination, Bird’s third album, is available now.
Jonah Parzen-Johnson is a Brooklyn-based experimental folk musician, previously seen on BTR leading the afrobeat group, Zongo Junction. Utilizing a baritone saxophone and analog synth, he uses circular breathing to craft his very unique style of indie and folk-inspired solo work.
Kagoule is a band of three teenagers from Nottingham, Great Britain. Growing up as friends and bandmates, the trio has a special chemistry that fuels their creative forces, from their 90s alt-rock sound to the artwork and visual approach of everything they do. Full of spot-on dynamics and verse-chorus-verse turns to make Dinosaur Jr, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pixies fans take notice, the band is poised to bring their big sound, which is already making waves in their home country, to the U.S. in a big way.
Gato Loco is an instant party — a wild, instrumental explosion of horns and beats harnessed into an avant-garde “psycho-mambo” group with a dizzying array of influences, pulling from jazz, rock, and latin sounds and grooves. The whole New York-based crew of Stefan Zeniuk (tenor & bass saxes), Tim Vaughn (trombone), Joe Exley (tuba), Lilly Maase (guitars), Ari Folman-Cohen (bass), Kevin Garcia (drums), and Rich Stein (percussion) crammed into the studio at Serious Business Music to blow it out and chat with Maia about how their memorable sound got to where it is now.
Air Waves is the long-running musical outlet for NY’s Nicole Schneit. With a 5-year gap between records, Air Waves has finally returned with a solid set of pop-leaning indie rock and a fresh band (featuring members of Hospitality). The group came by to play some tunes and chat with Maia about taking a break and then getting back into it, plus Nicole shares some useful advice for musicians.
Mal Blum is a New York-based musician who crafts excellent, revealing narrative-driven pop songs that tend to be endearingly sentimental. There’s punk, anti-folk, and folk vibes in every word, whether the performance is solo or with a full band. In whichever form, Mal Blum (the person or band) is a special joy to be around and listen to — not to mention, usually pretty hilarious. They brought the full band experience to Serious Business Music for this episode of BTR Live Studio.
Worriers are a Brooklyn-based punk band. With Lauren Denitzio (formerly of The Measure [sa]) handling songwriting, vocals, and guitars along with an evolving cast of collaborators, the band recently released its first, Laura Jane Grace (of Against Me!)-produced full-length on NJ’s Don Giovanni Records and has been on the road in support of it. The band’s songs are fiercly honest and super catchy, and we loved having them in the studio at Serious Business Music for this session!
Good Old War found a great shortcut to a solid band name: combining elements of the three founding members’ names (Goodwin, Arnold, and Schwartz). Now a duo, the Philadelphia-based band excels in the sort of foot stompin’, clappin’-n-hollerin’ indie pop that’s been growing in popularity in recent years, and are known for their rousing live shows. The guys stopped by Serious Business Music to play some tunes and chat with Maia.