BTR Live Studio
The Velvet Teen is a California-based indie rock trio. Begun as a solo project by Judah Nagler in 1999, the group has evolved over its 15-year career, and is currently playing in support of a strong new album. The band stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to rock out and chat with Maia about their work.
Lindi Ortega is a country/roots songwriter and performer from Toronto. Currently based -- appropriately -- in Nashville, Ortega's latest album takes a look at heartbreak, failure, fear, and misfortune in saloons, flophouses, and cheap motels. She stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to share her soulful style and chat with Maia about her music.
Sye Elaine Spence is a singer/songwriter living in Atlanta, though she is originally from New York City. Spence spent time as a professional songwriter, collaborating with artists and producers and releasing some of her own pop-rock and soul songs before taking a break to refocus her musical career. Here, she met Michael Lesousky and set off on her current path of a quiet, poetic style of songwriting. Sye and Michael took a bus up from Atlanta to play a few songs and talk about the music at Serious Business in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
Reservations is a rock band based out of Austin, Texas. Beginning as a collaboration between songwriter Jana Horn and guitarist Paul Price (who also leads the band Good Field), Jason Baczynski eventually joined on drums after the band's home-recorded debut EP. Now, with a fuller sound (achieved live with an expanded lineup) and a spectacular full length under their belt, Reservations is making their way around on tour and starting to get some much-deserved attention. Horn's soft, dreamy vocal style pairs perfectly with the band's fragile balance of reserved grooves and spaced-out guitars, drawing frequent comparisons to Mazzy Star. The band stopped by Serious Business in DUMBO to play some songs and chat with Maia about the ideas behind their new record.
MYZICA is the Nashville-based pop duo of Isaaca Byrd and Micah Tawlks. Still a relatively new project, things got started when Micah crafted instrumental tracks and asked Isaaca to lend her vocals. Things quickly grew as the two began writing together, leading to the sort of catchy, anthemic synth-pop the twosome expertly delivered in a dreamy, danceable dose to the Serious Business studio for this session.
Busty And The Bass is a feel-good, nine-member party band that formed in Montreal. Incorporating elements of funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop into their eclectic music, there's no question that these guys mean business, and want to get you out on the dancefloor.
Krystle Warren is a songwriter originally from Kansas City, Missouri, and currently based in France. Known for her dedication to analog recording techniques (even going so far as recording her latest double-album live with 28 musicians and no editing), Krystle possesses a striking, soulful voice that leaves an impression, and has even made the rounds on tour with the likes of Green Gartside, Robyn Hitchcock, Joan As Police Woman, and Rufus Wainwright. Here, she stops by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn, to share a new song and chat with Maia about her music.
Laura Burhenn - an LA-based musician who has toured with Bright Eyes and The Postal Service - is the songwriter at the core of the project Mynabirds. The band - which is filled out by various friends in the studio and on stage - makes expertly crafted indie-pop, showcasing Burhenn's pristine, soulful vocals. Here, she presents some of her latest work in a uniquely raw, stripped down form.