BTR Live Studio
Asian Dub Foundation has been stirring things up for almost 20 years now. Two of the current featured members of the group dropped by to share a special performance and to chat a bit about the band.
North Carolina's Spirit System visited BTR over the summer to perform this exclusive live set!
San Diego's The Donkeys perform an exclusive live set for BTR recorded in Manhattan.
Bailiff dropped by our studios over the summer to perform this exclusive live set. Enjoy!
On today's broadcast we are featuring a live in studio performance and interview from Challenger, taped this summer exclusively for BTR.
TEEN stops by our studios to perform songs from, and discuss their new album "The Way And Color"
Montclair NJ prodigies Pine Grove perform live in our studios!
Brooklyn's Little Racer joins us live in studio for a performance and interview!
On today's show we feature an in studio performance from White Hinterland! Her new album BABY is out now.