BTR Live Studio
00:00 Tropic of Pisces 00:27 Marking 04:28 Interview 07:07 More and More 10:20 Interview 14:11 Rain Again 19:13 Interview 22:03 Symmetry 27:00 Interview 27:39 Finish 3/1 Cameo Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
Today's special guest is the legendary Doug Gillard!
Miwi La Lupa performs live in our studios, fresh from their return from the "Rust Belt Tour"
00:00 Benjamin Verdoes on BTR 00:24 Forest of Your Mind 03:51 Interview 10:37 The Future Is a Bandit 14:04 The Evil Eye 17:13 Interview 18:42 So Bari 24:09 Unknown Fears 27:50 Interview 38:22 Finish no current tour dates
Blood Warrior performs live in our studios!
Gregory and The Hawk performs a brand new set of songs, live in our studios.
Secret Someones join us for an interview and performance of their brand new songs!
Karikatura performs live in our studios!