Week of 12/09/16

Premiere DateDec 9, 2016
Categories Hip Hop Music World
00:00 Bazarro intro
01:55 Regalo De Vida Papi Wilo
05:33 Muy Pocas Mackie ft. Tego Calderon
08:34 La Unica Cura Mackie ft. Nengo Flow 2 Reyes-Joeva ft. Johnny Stone
12:23 Fue Dificil Dejarte Lr Tony Lenta ft. L.O.S The Best
17:10 Mala D&O Los Money Makers ft. D.Ozi
21:01 Bazarro Mic Break
22:10 Indebido Bryan La Mente Del Equipo
25:37 Castigo Nio Garcia ft. Miky Woodz
29:28 Sueltame La Mia Jacob Forever ft. De La Ghetto
33:02 Si Una Vez Play-N-Skillz ft. Wisin, Frankie J & Leslie Grace
36:55 La Locura Kanti Y Riko ft. Anonimus
40:58 Mic break
41:42 Diabla Farruko
45:53 Mientras Tanto Kenai ft. Feid
48:47 Pase Lo Que Pase A-Dre
52:37 El No Te Valoro Delirious ft. Movimiento Latino
56:42 Bazarro Mic Break
58:15 Finish
Heyy!! Party people what’s good? Yeah we back again for another dope latin hip-hop mix to get you thru the weekend. Yep, your welcome, your very welcome. Shoutout to all the listeners who been tuning since day one. We appreciate that so sincerely. So another Friday to bop ya head to. Some new artists on the bill and some legends too. One of my favorites is Tego Calderon, man he’s been around since like forever.  Enough typing and writing. Hit that play button on your screen and let’s rock!! Enjoy your weekend!!!
A-Dre-Pase Lo Que Pase
A-Dre-Pase Lo Que Pase
Bryan La Mente Del Equipo-Indebido
Bryan La Mente Del Equipo-Indebido
Crazy DJ Bazarro was born in Brooklyn, NY, and started DJing and producing at the age of 14. He made a name for himself DJing at community centers, block parties, and baby showers in his neighborhood, then…