Week of 09/22/17

Premiere DateSep 22, 2017
Categories Hip Hop Music World
00:00 Bazarro intro
01:40 Nube De Humo Wamba ft. Anonimus
05:47 El Prescio De La Fama Pusho
09:12 Tiren a Ver Mathew
13:35 Bregando Con Miles B-Bills ft. Ommi Creep
15:52 No Tengo Ganas De Vivir Theory
17:33 Nuestro Momento Z0 ft. J. Balvin
21:40 Bazarro Mic Break
22:50 Hacerte Venir Trulife ft. Wambo
27:20 Lo Tenemo El Alfa ft. La Manta, Anonimus, Paramba, Neno Man, La Kikada
32:37 Sentao Kapuchino
35:31 Si Te Pillo DC Y Emil ft. Nengo Flow
39:13 Bazarro Mic Break
41:00 Esta Claro Oco Yaje ft. Yelsid, Mackie, Daniel Caldneron, J.Alvarez
45:03 Kanto Negro Master
48:46 No Me Conoce Sou El Flotador
52:08 Amiga Taylo Tunz ft. AV-Rog
55:12 Mi Perdicion Gotay
58:04 Loco Loquito Alex Rose ft. Jory Boy
61:49 Bazarro Mic Break
62:55 Finish

We’re back in Tampa for the weekend mix! How you doing out there? Y’all ready to rock with us on this dope latin hip-hop mix? Got some treats for ya. Like some good chocolate for the brain. Ease the pain of everyday life. Get up and dance with us. Sing with us. Order some drinks with us. It’s Friday. We doing the show via-satellite from Tampa Bay to the rest of the world. Let’s go!!  Reggaeton at the highest level!

Alex Rose ft. Jory Boy-Loco Loquito

B-Bills ft. Ommi Creep-Bregando Con Miles


Crazy DJ Bazarro was born in Brooklyn, NY, and started DJing and producing at the age of 14. He made a name for himself DJing at community centers, block parties, and baby showers in his neighborhood, then…