Favs of 2017 Part 1

Premiere DateDec 15, 2017
Categories Hip Hop Music World
00:00 Bazarro intro
01:25 Como Antes J Lennix ft. L'Omy
05:06 Cier Media Z
08:20 Masoquista Cheka
12:00 Delirous Calla
15:47 Grita Jahzel ft. Lary Over
18:56 Gracias Por Fallarme Gaviria ft. Darkiel
23:33 Bazarro Mic Break
24:30 Aparentas Miky Woodz ft. Farruko
28:46 Piensa En Mi El Joey
31:56 Calle Sin Salida Tempo
36:35 Mi Forma de Ser Farruko
40:29 Bazarro Mic Break
41:35 Arizona Gabo El De La Comision
45:47 Sentao Kapuchino
48:38 6 De La Morning J Alvarez
52:37 Bien Rico Chris Muller ft. Jolgito
56:12 No Tengo Ganas De Vivir Theory
57:53 No Le Hablen De Amor CD9 ft. Juhn
61:02 Bazarro Mic Break
62:06 Finish

Happy Holidays … To all who love the gift of giving. I’m giving you some of my favorite joints I played during the year of 2017. I’m telling you, this might of been the fastest year of my life. One minute it was July 4th, boom then labor day, now Christmas is up the block. So on that note here is part 1 of my favorite reggaeton joints of 2017. There were so many songs. Not so easy to pick. I get a ton of Latin hip­ hop songs every week. You can email me to let me know what you like. Hit me up. Crazydjbazarro@gmail.com. Now let’s have a good time!

Jahzel ft. Lary Over-Grita


Miky Woods ft. Farruko-Aparentas

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