The Bumpy Knuckles Edition

Premiere DateOct 2, 2018
Categories Hip Hop Music
00:00 Intro
00:10 Wayne Ski
01:58 Who Knows Why Bumpy Knuckles
06:43 More Levels DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles
11:28 How Long Will This Bullshit Go On Bumpy Knuckles
16:02 Wayne Ski
16:58 P.A.I.N.E. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles
21:24 New York, Where You At ?!? Bumpy Knuckles & DJ Wayne Ski
25:25 EyEnEvErPuTmY4cUsAwAy DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles
29:42 Wayne Ski
30:25 The ChanceSellor Bumpy Knuckles
34:35 The Mack Bumpy Knuckles
38:35 Grumpy Old Man Bumpy Knuckles x Nottz
42:31 The Fire's Getting High Bumpy Knuckles & Big Daddy Kane
46:18 Turn Up the Mic (DJ Premier Remix) ft DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles
49:44 THIZ IZ HIP HOP ft. Bumpy Knuckles N.O.R.E.
53:11 Wayne Ski
55:11 Finish

In route to A3C Festival Wayne Ski drops all joints from Bumpy Knuckles. Subscribe to the show today and follow us on social media @btrtoday.

Bumpy Knuckles

Born and raised on the South Side of Queens, NY, Wayne Ski began his musical journey in 1994 when he started making hip hop mixed with R&B mix tapes while working for a local music store. With the desire to…