Week of 03/20/16

Premiere DateMar 20, 2016
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02:51 Tearing Me Up Bob Moses
10:32 Like It Or Not Bob Moses
16:15 Hanabi talks Food Apps
29:40 Me Again J Mascis
33:57 Early Morning J Mascis
37:50 Hanabi talks Schezcuan
45:36 Rot In Hell So Pitted
49:43 I Don't Know You Anymore Bob Mould
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Hanabi lives in a magical land of apps. The apps allow Hanabi to do absolutely nothing for himself anymore. I’m being a bit cynical, but it’s true that the San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed for new apps that tend to be available here long before they reach the rest of the country. For example, New Orleans just recently got Uber. One of the food related apps that I’ve recently used is No Wait.  No Wait allows you to put your name on the restaurants waiting list without having to be there in person. That’s usually a no-go over the phone. But, the time I used it, it worked. It’s sort of bridge between a waiting list and an actual reservation. Score one for technology. Another app I frequent is Instacart which is available in several cities throughout the country.

Much like the now defunct WebVan from 2000, Instacart will go shopping for you at local markets and deliver your groceries to you. It’s fast and ultra convenient. There are several apps for food delivery now as well, including deliveries from restaurants not typically known for to-go orders. It seems logical that a restaurant wouldn’t want to turn down that additional revenue stream. Hanabi also got down with some Sichuan cuisine at the appropriately named Sichuanese Restaurant.

Classic! He also guzzled some Diamond Knot IPA with a very Cathulu looking label.

Also, if you haven’t already, download the BTRtoday app from the iTunes store. It makes listening to DJ Hanabi on the go easy.

No Wait
Diamond Knot


So Pitted

J Mascis

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