Week of 03/13/16

Premiere DateMar 13, 2016
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00:00 Intro
02:13 I Need an Angel La Sera
05:47 Echo Girl Dutch Party
08:14 Break
21:47 Slimer Smile Sequoyah Tiger
24:51 Five Chants Sequoyah Tiger
30:54 Break
43:06 Orange Vibes Thomas Mudrick
48:03 Kamikaze Minivan Thomas Mudrick
52:03 Outro
59:56 Finish

Hanabi is soon to be making his travels to the ancient homelands of Europe, specifically, Paris, London and Rome. The big three I guess you might say. I’ve been to Paris and London several times, and I never get tired of those cities. How could you? I’m looking forward to Rome, as I’ve never been. Needless to say, many adventures await. In this episode Hanabi lays out the plans for the restaurants he wants to try, and after he returns we’ll contrast and compare. In Paris, among several spots it’s all about L’Avant Comptoir.

It’s modern Paris at its best, from what we hear. In London, it’s all about a full-English breakfast for Hanabi. Apparently there’s no better place than Breakfast Club right now.

We’ll see how it stacks up to The Wolseley. Rome is a wide open book right now.. There’s just so many places to go, but Bonci Pizzarium is the siren call for Hanabi and it must be done.

Have you ever wanted to eat a Dork Burger or Dog Sticks Me too.

Check out Hanabi’s adventure to the LunchBox Laboratory in Seattle!

Also, if you haven’t already, download the BTRtoday app from the iTunes store. It makes listening to Dj Hanabi on the go easy.

L’Avant Comptoir
Breakfast Club
LunchBox Laboratory


Sequoyah Tiger

Thomas Mudrick

Dutch Party

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