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Premiere DateFeb 21, 2016
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02:48 Tom Tom Hundred In the Hands
06:22 Butter Radiation City
10:08 Getting somewhere with The Progress.
24:23 The Dirt Waxahatchee
26:11 Help Land Lines
30:49 The Lost Pelican still has a ways to go before it finds its way.
40:45 Fortress Pinback
44:43 Fortress The Oh Sees
49:19 Why you should not buy processed or even pre cut food.
59:58 Finish

Hanabi finally scored a reservation to The Progress!  The Progress is the sister restaurant to the much ballyhooed, and totally exceeds all such ballyhoo, State Bird Provisions. They are in fact neighboring restaurants. While State Bird serves their playful dishes dim sum style, The Progress’ menu changes daily and goes for a family style approach. It’s such a creative way to serve such creative food. For $58 a person, you get four different starters and you can choose four different larger items. It’s about as simple as it gets, but it’s also an exciting change from the standard service of individual plating for a tasting menu. Some of the hits of the evening would have to be the grilled octopus.

Octopus is basically my favorite seafood. If it’s on the menu, I’m getting it! We also got down with some spot on mackerel crudo which was a perfect start to the meal.

Since it can’t always be meat all the time, we opted for a celery root ravioli which came with a nice little apple puree.

Delicious! We also have to brief you on a restaurant called The Lost Pelican. Where we has things like fried green tomatoes and a muffaletta.

To finish it all up we riff on an article about pre-cut food. Work on those knife skills people!

Also, if you haven’t already, download the BTRtoday app from the iTunes store. It makes listening to Dj Hanabi on the go easy.


Radiation City

Land Lines

The Oh Sees

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