Week of 02/14/16

Premiere DateFeb 14, 2016
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02:48 Gold Darkstar
06:43 Stoke The Fire Darkstar
10:42 Break
18:45 Stone In Focus Aphex Twin
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34:15 Panic of Looking Brian Eno
38:33 The Real Brian Eno
45:22 Last Anthropocene Brian Eno
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I never intended to speak of the Super Bowl, post-Super Bowl, but I couldn’t help it considering where I spent my Super Bowl Sunday. Hanabi and some pals went to Hi-Tops a gay sports bar located in the Castro district. Talk about a well run sports bar, this place was on its A-game. They were packed, but neat, clean and efficient. The food was next-level pub grub. The killer nachos stole the show!

Pork chops too boring for you lately? I say dress them up with Hanabi’s weekday porchetta hack.

Hanabi also went to Mexico for a weekender. How about a little fried opah sandwich from some of the most beautiful waters you’ll ever see?

Also, if you haven’t already, download the BTRtoday app from the iTunes store. It makes listening to Dj Hanabi on the go easy.

Habana Banana
Pacific Opah Sandwich



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