Week of 01/10/16

Premiere DateJan 10, 2016
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00:00 Intro
02:40 Parallel Tounges In Trees
06:40 Merchants of Soul Spoon
09:25 Can't Undertand Metz
12:04 Hanabi talks Tai Chicken
19:52 Red Sun Merchandise (feat Dum Dum Girls)
23:02 Echo Merchandise (feat Dum Dum Girls)
27:26 Girls Intuition Dum Dum Girls
30:12 Trouble Is My Name Dum Dum Girls
34:04 Hanabi fries some purple yams and... hamburgers. Yeah!
40:48 Candy In The Sky Step Panther
43:46 Ronny Katie Von Schlicker
46:31 The Fog and Filthy Air Sleater Kinney
49:48 Heavy (When I Need It) Sleater Kinney
52:51 Hanabi grubs on some Mexican foor in Sacramento, CA
59:11 Finish

Hanabi is all about that Hai Nan chicken right now, and it’s Thai variation called Khao Man Gai.

Who would think that boiled chicken and rice could be so delicious? It’s kind of becoming a thing right now out here on the West Coast. The tender slices of perfectly juicy chicken paired with rice cooked with chicken fat and a flavorful sauce with garlic, ginger, oil and some very thick, dark soy sauce with a simple garnish of cucumber and cilantro make the best anytime meal. In fact it’s considered breakfast in parts of Asia. Hanabi also returned to his hometown of Sacramento for some proper Mexican food including epic Birria, Molcajete and of course Micheladas.

Also, get ready for a Wasabi soda by the Hanabi one himself.

Khao Man Gai


Sleater Kinney


Dum Dum Girls

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