Surface Week Edition

Premiere DateAug 30, 2015
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00:00 Intro
02:21 La Loose Waxahatchee
05:27 Handful of Gold (Catlips Remix) Chela
09:46 Cumbia de Donde Calexico
12:46 Hanabi talks burgers in the Twin Cities
21:02 Need WhoMadeWho
26:44 Symbolic Dream Warm Soda
29:14 The Hills Hey Mother Death
35:07 Hanabi talks iconic bars in the Twin Cities... oh yeah and ferris wheels with booze...
45:00 It's Time For Fun Goat
48:46 Lost Ship Soley
53:08 Dane Time
58:55 Finish

This week sees Hanabi return to the homeland of Minneapolis MN. As always the city welcomed him with open arms. He did not however, see Prince this outing, but that won’t stop him from trying.

What Hanabi did mange however is to eat the best cheeseburger ever, sorry but Shake Shack sucks compared to the Jucy Lucy from Matt’s Bar in uptown Minneapolis. The other bar laying claim to the best cheese-stuffed burger is the venerable 5-8 Club in South Minneapolis. Listen to find out who won.

Also,when in Minneapolis, more specifically Nordeast Minneapolis (that’s what you call it there) you should head straight for Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge for all your super 60’s freak out tiki bar needs.

Just up the street from Suzi’s is the amazing Betty Danger’s Country Club with giant ferris wheel and all. It’s a good thing both places are just a few blocks away because I could spend a whole weekend going back and forth. This week Insane Dane went to a place called Shelter Island. It’s so sheltered that not even the people who live there have heard of it, or something like that.

But seriously, he checked out the Red Maple at the The Chequit Inn before heading back to his casa for a spicy gin old fashioned. Way to go Insane Dane!

Matt’s Bar
5-8 Club
Psycho Suzi’s
Betty Danger’s
Red maple
Gin Old Fashioned


Warm Soda

Hey Mother Death


Host Hanabi
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