Roots Week Edition

Premiere DateJul 26, 2015
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00:00 Intro
02:25 Rayc Fire 2 Squarepusher
07:05 Silver Sun Clark
12:17 Someone Take Me Home Oberhofer
15:22 Hanabi gets into price fixing at Trestle
25:09 Turtles Flying Lotus
27:14 Split Your Infinities Boards of Canada
31:32 Hanabi brings out his two favs... cheeze and chorizo
41:12 Suns of Temper Clark
46:42 Days Pay for a Days Work Darkstar
50:24 Mirror Mirror Leila
54:51 Dane makes some mac n cheese and summer drinks
59:03 Finish

Mmmmmm, food! We’ve got lots of it for you too. Basically, Hanabi and Insane Dane are out here stretching our waistlines so that you don’t have to.

But seriously, Hanabi went to Trestle the other day and had what can only be described as a super delicious, four course price-fixe menu for a measly $45 clams. Although the star of the show wasn’t the entree course, but rather the pasta, it was still well worth it.

Check out the show to see how worth it. Hanabi also has a simple, yet delicious recipe for Queso Fundido which if you’re unfamiliar is melted cheese and chorizo.

Any questions? Hanabi also visited Lost Lake Cafe for a little of that throwback, retro diner thing that NOBODY else is doing these days. Insane Dane pretty much ends the controversy of how to drink bourbon and eat mac n cheese when you’ve only got minutes to spare. The secret is to mix them together.

Check out his take on Bourbon mac n cheese on the old Dish + Drink blog if you don’t believe me.

He also makes a killer Gin + Juice for a guy from New Jersey.


Bourbon Mac n Cheese


Flying Lotus



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